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Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today

There is so much BS in the world right now. There are so many reasons to hate and be angry, but we can stop that.

I am not suggesting we march, sign a petition, or share something on Facebook.

I suggest we do something kind, and not just “polite kind” like holding a door or smiling when we awkwardly make eye contact. I mean toss five bucks in the barista’s tip jar, give your friend a doughnut, tell someone how much you appreciate them, give someone a flower, or a hug- anything. Whatever you do, be generous with your heart. That is the only way you will make an impact on that personĀ andĀ yourself.

When we allow ourselves to make others happy, we in turn open up to others making us happy and begin to build community. When we build community, we inherently change where we live and create more understanding between diverse groups. I have experienced this first hand in a couple of communities, and it really does make things better.

So what do you say? will you make at least one person smile?



Be the reason someone smiles today




I'm a 20-something southern writer, unicorn, and lover of red roses.

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