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Update on Site

Good morning,

We will be doing irregular updates to officially inform followers of any delays, changes, etc., regarding the site.

You may have noticed that we failed to post lucidiums two Sundays in a row, and did not post an inspiria last Wednesday.  We apologize for this, our goal is for content to be regular, regardless of anything else happening in Bella’s life. Moving forward, you should expect to see posts every Sunday and Wednesday rain or shine, or be notified prior to a missed upload. We’d like to remind you that you are welcome to share Bella’s graphics. We prefer the ones with the site url at the bottom, however, as long as the url is included somewhere in your post, we’re happy.

Sinfine are currently in draft. Within the Walls of Jubilee is coming along, as is The Boys Next Door. Our World is still in development and therefore will not be ready in time for the fall season, which should begin early September. Sinfine creation is proving more difficult than anticipated, but Bella is determined to see this through. Continue to expect these weekly installment stories to arrive in your notifications in the Fall. For more information on what exactly a sinfine is and these stories, please checkout this page.

Thanks so much, and we hope you enjoy today’s inspira, which will be posted at 5 pm.

-The Bella Renee Blog Team



I'm a 20-something southern writer, unicorn, and lover of red roses.

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