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Work For It Everyday



Every single day, that thing, your goal should be what you’re pushing for. There are no breaks, not really. I mean, I’ll go on a day-long binge of Smallville or something because I got anxiety and if I don’t decompress I become a horrible person, but you better believe I know exactly how much time I’m losing and how I’m going to make it up.

This can only work if you are passionate about your goals. Your goals do not accept excuses or forgive missed deadlines, something we are all prone to when we don’t care enough. If you are reading this blog post, then you have access to an electronic device, meaning you can create a calendar and set reminders. Not tech savy? You can get post-its at the dollar store for $1.00. Put them on your mirror, desk, door, pillow, whatever. Part of my squad barely has two nickles to rub together, but she managed to get herself merch and business cards. Now she’s gaining followers. Steve Harvey lived in his car while he was trying to make it. What are you doing for your dream?

That dream doesn’t have to be fame and money. Maybe your dream is to have a happy family. Are you doing what it takes to meet people? To give your spouse the love they need? I don’t want excuses about time, money, whatever. You can seek people or show love for cheap. I think you have five minutes for a quick conversation. Challenge yourself to be a better partner, or more open to love.

Challenge yourself to focus on your goals.

Work hard every single day. Knock over those obstacles. Push and fight and challenge and climb. How else do you expect to get what you want?

Go for it.



work for it



I'm a 20-something southern writer, unicorn, and lover of red roses.

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