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Lucidium No. 6

A friend gave me a challenge for Pride Month involving romance and pronoun use. Let me know how you think I did.

339 words. 35 minutes.


Okay, I told myself, this is it- I’m gonna do it! I plopped into a blue plastic chair when fear suddenly took me. No, I shook my head and took the pink earphones out, no, you are going to ask him out. Some people tried to say Derek was too cute for me, that we’d only ever be friends, but I wasn’t buying. He liked me, I was sure of it! And why shouldn’t he? Shoot, I know I look good and we had fun together. Besides, it was the beginning of senior year and time for me to stop being afraid of risks.

Risks. This was definitely a risky move. Not only were we good friends but I’d seen him checking out a lot of girls. Diana swore I was crazy. She had all kinds of radar (gay-dar, trick-dar and player-dar) that were almost always right and according to her I had the green light, but what if she was wrong? I couldn’t take that. This crush, making sure I was always close to him while trying to suppress affection to zero, had become part of my life and I was good at hiding my feelings. Showing them like this was completely new. “Hey, Derek!” I heard myself call him over to our table before I could stop myself. He walked over, that breathtaking cool in every step, and leaned against the wall, arms crossed and grin ablaze.


“I like you!” The words came out a nervous blurt and my heart bruised my ribcage with its incessant pounding. “Do you want to go on a date with me?” The room fell silent, waiting for him answer. Cool slid from his face and disbelief puddled in his eyes. For the first time since I’d met him, he was at a loss for words. No, I shouldn’t have done it; I should’ve kept my mouth shut.

“Yea.” Wait, what? He took my hand and turned his renewed smile on me. “I do want to go out with you Charlie.”


Sorry it’s shorter than usual, but it did go up Sunday! So that counts for something…right? I mean it is a Flash Fiction challenge, but still.

Happy Pride to all of my non-straight and genderqueer buds!



I'm a 20-something southern writer, unicorn, and lover of red roses.

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