About Bella Renee

Bella Renee is a 22-year old Southern writer, a proud unicorn, and unashamed lover of red roses. The blog squad currently consists of Bella, The Editor, and T’Keyah (a sister, supporter, and helper), with Jocelyne as an honorary member because she inspired Bella to start posting. At some point we may give more info about Bella, but for now you have to explore her friends’ blogs to see what you can learn.

The Sinfine-Inspiria-Lucidium project is her attempt to get words from her mind to the page.

  • Sinfine: or “without end” are continuous stories. The goal of this project is to create a tv-like experience. The stories will continue as long as people are reading and Bella has ideas. They will also run “seasons.” Bella’s goal is to have three seasons a year with three stories per season updating on a weekly basis. These are currently in draft, none are posted.
  • Inspiria: or “inspiration” are words of encouragement. Bella is a walking pep-talk and, well, it’s starting to get on her friends’ nerves. So instead of always pepping them, she will post original graphics, blogs, and vlogs.  
  • Lucidium: or “burst of light” are flash fictions written from prompts. They are often unpolished, only edited for spelling and grammatical errors. Each post will include the prompt and any additional limitations, as well as how long she spent on each one. These will always be numbered, and sometimes titled.

Bella welcomes your feedback and criticism, please use the contact button. She cannot promise to respond to every comment, or even that they will be read in a timely manner because, to be completely honest, Bella hates email. She will read them all, however, and she hopes that is good enough.

Please note that all graphics are created with canva.com. Bella hopes Canva might someday pay her for all the endorsement she gives them, but unfortunately they do not.

Also note that from my understanding all photos are licensed for reuse without credit except where noted. If credit is requested, Bella will gladly add it. Please send an email before involving lawyers. She’s 22 and just graduated from college- she has enough debt. And in the rare case that Bella took a photo that she uses in a graphic she will make sure everyone knows.

Thank-you for visiting the site. We hope you enjoy your journey through the words.

~The Editor