Lucidium No. 6

A friend gave me a challenge for Pride Month involving romance and pronoun use. Let me know how you think I did. 339 words. 35 minutes. *** Okay, I told myself, this is it- I’m gonna do it! I plopped into a blue plastic chair when fear suddenly took me. No, I shook my head … Continue reading Lucidium No. 6


Lucidium No. 3: The New Girl In Town

She sat next to her brother, but her body was turned away. She sat as if she were leaned against an invisible wall between them. The Georgia sun shined through the window and illuminated her book. Aleja preferred the world of demons and sexy teens to the stiff silence of the mini-van. “So, Sweetie,” her mother turned around to speak, “we’re almost there! Dad is waiting for us in the new house and-.” “Room,” Aleja replied as she dog-eared the page she was on. “It’s a new room, isn’t it? Communal housing?” “Yes,” her mother said, her eyes darting around in search of a silver lining.

Lucidium No. 2: The Silver Star

He only stopped when his legs gave out. It was then that he looked around. He didn’t bother to look back, home was no longer an option. He only hoped he could find shelter soon. If only he had a light… his pocket grew warm. He pulled out the silver his uncle handed him just before the poison took him. The little star was glowing. Brighter, he urged. It became as bright as a torch. He tightened the rabbit-skin shawl around his shoulders and started walking. There had to be another village somewhere.

Lucidium No. 1: Biscuits

He lifted the pan and moved toward the oven. His hands shook as the tectonic plates of his nerves collided. The metal fell to the floor with a clang that rang out light a gunshot. He shouted and tried to cover his face. I wasn’t sure if it was shame, frustration, or fear.