Check These Out

There are books and bloggers that influence me, so I’m going to share them with you.


  • Jesmyn Ward- because she has the ability to stir the soul. Salvage the Bones changed my life. Her writing is about trauma, so those of you who can be triggered by racism, death, drugs, and abuse: consider yourself warned. But it is some of the most beautiful writing you will ever read.
  • Cassandra Clare- talk about world building. Academics might turn their nose up at teen fiction but that is their loss. The realm of Shadowhunters is vast and fun.


  • Harry Potter– this is really just me making sure you guys know I love Harry Potter. #Ravenclaw #Thunderbird #CawCaw (Do you guys see why I let me editor write the other pages?)
  • Percy Jackson– same as above. Plus Rick Riordan is v good at getting in the head of an adolescent. Those are skills.
  • Fangirl– Rainbow Rowell’s story of an introvert stumbling through her first year of college touched me in a deep place. Loved it.
  • The Fall of Atlantis– Marion Zimmer Bradley (see, I read grown up books). I’m not even sure how to explain this book, it’s just…good. And yes, MZB, while someone who contributed to the creation of the fantasy genre, is problematic. However her daughter, who she abused, does still wish for people to read her mother’s work.
  • 1984– I think everyone has read either this or A Brave New World. This book literally changed how I look at the world. Big Brother is watching.
  • The Awakening– by Kate Chopin. Southern author. White lady writing about wealthy white women. Still a good book. Much better to read than Hemmingway or that guy who wrote about someone’s mom being a fish. But that’s a whole other conversation about my philosophy of literature and text.
  • McTeauge- by Frank Norris, written during a time of “travel fiction” so it’s a story set in San Francisco but written for people who aren’t from there. This could also be triggering for abused people. It’s about the whole monster v. man dilemma. Imagine Dr. Jekyll slowly becoming Mr. Hyde.
  • War of the Rose– series by Kathleen Bryan. It’s probably the only medieval fantasy that doesn’t make me want to choke. (No, I don’t like Lord of the Rings and I’m not sorry).
  • The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho. Read it. Just read it.


  • SuperCarlinBrothers- fan vlog: crack theories, close analysis of movies, the works. I stayed up till six am watching them once.
  • Thomas Sanders- he’s Thomas Sanders. Viner? Stage actor? Adorable light hearted comic?