These are, for lack of a better word (thus the made-up one) “never ending stories.” The goal is to find the middle ground of TV and literature: a text the reader can engage with for 30-60 minutes a week, every week until the end of the “season” or “book.” Some will be story-of-the-week with the same characters but little connecting one story to the next, and other will be complete story arcs.

Currently in development, scheduled to start posting in September 2017


The Boys Next Door: When the most popular guy in school decides he wants to start a boy band, most of the school dismisses the idea. Enter four other guys with ulterior motives, sweet harmony, friendship, and secrets, well you just might have a recipe for superstardom. Follow Brian, Zander, Kevin, Jake, and Mike as they try to prove boy bands aren’t so lame after all.