10 Ways to Read More

I am a person who loves to read. But who has the time? Who has the money? And gosh, if you do go to the library/bookstore/whatever, you gotta hope the book you make time for is decent. Still. Reading is important. It's like Nas said: "read more, learn more, change the globe." ("I Can," 2002) … Continue reading 10 Ways to Read More


Color Your Life

Remember when the worst thing in the world was someone using the only other blue crayon? Or when you convinced your mom to buy the jumbo pack by telling her you wanted all the colors, but really you just wanted the crayon sharpener? Now, you have responsibilities. Homework, kids, paperwork (maybe all of the above). … Continue reading Color Your Life

Create Something Better

Since it's the first¬†Inspiria, why not get a little personal? In the last year I had one of my most important friendships crack and splinter, with pieces falling out one by one and shattering like glass. Losing a best friend is a slow and painful process. My other friends and family think I should just … Continue reading Create Something Better