Within the Walls of Jubilee

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Anticipated: 12 chapters, beginning Sept. 7th.

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For this page: vocab and character lists, map

Words to Know

  • Coiuna- priest/ess of Jubilee’s patron god: Racoi
  • Cresalea- the coming of age process in Jubileean culture, beginning with an initiation and ending with their Marking
  • Alea- person undergoing Cresalea (plural is also Alea).
  • Ores- slang term for upper ring of city
  • Isie- slang term for middle ring of city
  • Imus- slang term for lower ring of city
  • Racoi- god of luck, fortune, and fate
  • Nermus- god of travelers, trade, and commerce

People to Know

  • Emeraulde
  • Lapis
  • Pyrite
  • Coiuna Blink
  • Coiuna Coin
  • Tock
  • Zing
  • River
  • Thistle
  • Blue

Fun fact: Jubilee is named for Bella’s favorite member of the X-Men.